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Mainstream media vs Kid Internet

The Belmont Club writes that the undercard in the Kerry vs Swiftvets bout is Mainstraim Media vs Kid Internet and the Mainstream Media has been forced against all odds "to accept the challenge of an upstart over the coverage of the Swiftvets controversy." The former "gatekeepers" are losing this existential challenge.  

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Newspapers were always a more efficient way of getting the news than watching TV news shows. You could get more information reading a short column than in a 30-second news spot on television. Further, editorials are far more obvious than the hidden ones put through on the networks.

In my mind, blogging sites are even better than the newspapers. One is able to see the author’s perspective almost immediately and read their writing accordingly. It is easier to find the best articles on the subject and reduce the amount of filler one takes in. Finally, one can debate the merits of the article of view with other readers one hasn’t even met. This undoubtedly increases one’s understanding of the material.

Forget the morning news...I like to go for a morning blog when I wake up.

We’re better off with blogs, the internet, and the talk shows than without them. But the "mainstream" media still determine most of the staying power of a story, even if they can no longer keep it from breaking out into temporary public view.

This whole issue really just gets to the idea of healthy competition. Nobody gets to report (or not report) with impunity anymore. The end result is that we all benefit.

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