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You may have noticed the empty seats at Olympic events. A bit of a panic is starting to set in. Worth paying attention to. You’ll start seeing schoolchildren being bused in to fill those empty seats soon, I’m betting.

Here is the first piece of good news from the games: Iraq has won its first two soccer games, beating Portugal and Costa Rica. I saw the Costa Rica game, and the Iraqis played pretty well. I also noted that the crowd was loudly on their side. Too bad many European politicians are not cheering. Good for the Iraqis! They have made it to the quarterfinals. Also note that Arash Miresmaeili, an Iranian judo champion, declined to get in the ring with an Israeli. As the Sports Illustrated points out, he should either be barred from future Olympic competition, or ban all Iranians because of their government’s action, if this was a state-sponsored act.

The USA’s basketball team was a sorry sight, and I have this say of them: You are no better than peevish baggage and pestilent knaves, you sluggards and popinjays, you are but guilded loam or painted clay, you malignant things, fools, cowards! You have all been touched and found base metal!
I hope the multiplying villanies of nature do swarm upon you all! Ignomy and shame upon you!
You overwheening rags of France, go live long there and let your misery increase with your age, or go to your kennels! There is neither honesty, manhood, nor good fellowship in thee! Each one thrice worse than Judas! You indigest deformed lumps! Shameless fishmongers!

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Send the American media a bill!. After constantly speculating on the nature of a terrorist attack at the Games, what suprise is it that attendence is low. Other minor considerations, We are just pulling out of an economic downturn. France and Germany are at the edge of the plunge. Maybe it isn’t high on the vacation priority list. And finally, the Games are experiencing sports Balkanization. I mean really, was the picture of one spectator in the stands a suprise? at the beach volleyball competition?

Jeez, guy. Basketball’s only a game! Take a breath.

Re-USA Basketball

Wow. I am detecting somewhat of a tongue in cheek post here. Pretty good, but I think that your ire is misplaced. This team was constructed on a flawed premise. The most talented players should not have been selected. The players whose game most suits international play (which is very different from NBA play) should have been selected. The A-list stars (and their versatility) declined to attend, as is their right. The B-list stars (and their lack of versatility) stepped into the breach, but they just don’t understand the international game. Better to be upset with the selection process than the players. The players are doing the best they can with the tools they have. The just don’t have the right tools.

These Olympic issues are all very well, but the real question is, which Shakespeare play(s) did you rifle for those marvelous insults? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m sure you’re refering to the men’s basketball team. The women, as usual, have been representing the US very well.

To Richard,
From a number of the Poet’s plays...vaguely recollect Measure for Measure, Macbeth, Richard II, Richard III, Romeo, Hamlet, Henry V, etc. Got carried away, I admit it. But I love the way Shakespeare does it, don’t you?

Yes, nobody does it better than Shakespeare.

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