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Presidential election and the federal principle

George Will is right in arguing that Colorado’s pernicious proposal to change the winner-take-all allocation of the state’s electoral vote into one of dividing the electoral votes according to each candidate’s percentage of the popular vote would be a horror. This appeals to simple-minded majoritarians and is extremely dangerous. Will explains why the current federal system is directly related to constitutional government rightly understood, which includes an appreciation for the two party system. This is a very critical issue. Also see the links the electoral college at the Ashbrook site. Those of you living in Colorado had better pay attention!    

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I agree with this wholeheartedly. However, I would like to see no private citizen cast a vote in a presidential election. We drag the President down to our petty whims and make him talk about public schools and health care and whether .25% of a reduction in taxes for citizens with X, Y, and Z will be better or worse for the economy. Return the election of the president to the state legislatures and return the president to presidential matters.

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