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Why liberals are liberal; and conservatives, conservative

Although no amount of modern science will ever replace Aristotle, an article in the New York Times Magazine says that some neuroscientists now believe that structures in the amygdala (the part of the brain associated with emotion) have a powerful influence on a person’s political opinions. Fortunately, the scientists do not conclude that conservativism is a mental illness.

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how do these "scientists" sccount for people like

reagan kristol podhoretz kirpatrick coleman

and me

who all went from left to right?

did our brains change?
I think not.

I think we just became convinced - by evidence and logic - that the policies offered by the left were bad and failed, and that those offered by the right were good and worked.

This is hilarious. Ever notice how hard science tries to prove the liberal agenda? That is, that nobody is ever at fault, or that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is defective. My personal favorite is the gene that makes you gay...

There are many of us who used to be Democrats who have not changed our core beliefs at all. One day we realized that the belief espoused by the Democrats were so counter to our own that we started voting for the party who most often agreed with us.

In the old days, there were conservative Democrats. Today, they are very rare. To discover the reason, read Zell Miller’s "A National Party No More". He says it far more eloquently than I ever could.

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