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AP-Ipsos Poll

AP-Ipsos-Public Affairs poll also shows a hefty Bush lead among most likely voters: 51-46 (and 51-43 among all registered voters). Also note a few tidbits:

"Seven weeks before Election Day, the Republican is considered significantly more decisive, strong and likable than Kerry, and he has strengthened his position on virtually every issue important to voters, from the war in Iraq (news - web sites) and creating jobs — two sources of criticism — to matters of national security and values."

"Since the Democratic National Convention ended in late July, the president has erased any gains Kerry had achieved while reshaping the political landscape in his favor: Nearly two-thirds of voters think protecting the country is more important than creating jobs, and Bush is favored over Kerry by a whopping 23 percentage points on who would keep the United States safe."

"For the first time since Kerry wrapped up the nomination, the AP-Ipsos poll suggests that a majority of voters approve of the president’s job performance — 52 percent. The lifts him out of the danger zone for incumbents."

It goes on, with not one piece of bad news for Bush. Even the Democracy Corps (Carville-Greenberg) [PDF file] agree that Bush is ahead, 48-45.

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You’ll note that the AP’s chosen headline for this article is: "Bush holds slight lead on Kerry"...

In other news Jamaica is experiencing "slight" wind gusts...

I, a devout Bush opponent, even agree that Bush will win. But, I have thought this ever since Kerry was selected.

I voted for Bush and consider myself a Republican, but I think his policies are dangerous. Afganistan is a mess (again). Korea reignited its quest for nukes (post "axis of evil" speech). Iran, for the same reason. Iraq is a mess (still).

I will vote for Kerry and hope he wins so we can vote him out the next time around.

Kerry is a good argument for term limits in Congress. His speech in ’71 was so eloquent. What happened?!?

Try reading this.

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