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Back to Dukakis, forward to Hillary

Clearly, John Fund is not the only one who thinks that the Kerry campaign is Dukakis II, but he gives a nice overview of this now settled opinion. But what I find most interesting in the piece is the opinion--by no means held only by Fund--that the Democratic Party will have a lot of soul-searching to do after their defeat in November. Yet, I don’t think it will happen because of the Hillary (read Bill and Hillary) factor: She is poised to take over the party, and she will attempt to be a moderate (like Bill), but without the ability of affecting the soul of the party (if it still has one). She will, in short, make the party her personal property and will neither reflect a deep moderate position within the party (because there isn’t one), nor be able to shape the party toward a principled position that will outlast her tenure as leader of the once-great Democratic Party.

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Hmmm. Dukakis II. I’ve always considered the Kerry campaign to be more McGovern-like; however, Dukakis will do just as well.

I think of John Kerry as Fritz "The Duke" McGovern. All the low points rolled into one.

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