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Che Guevara, the cult

Paul Berman writes a wonderful essay on Ernesto Che Guevara and the movie, The Motorcycle Diaries, (the executive producer for which, by the way, is Robert Redford). Berman gives a perfect characterization of Che Guevara as an enemy of freedom, his haughty fanaticism, and what mischief he wrought. Berman is not amused that at the Sundance film festival the movie got a standing ovation.   

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I wish the young punks who wore Che or Mao shirts would learn some basic history and burn those shirts. I saw a kid wearing a Che shirt a few months ago in a grocery store with a mother standing right there and couldn’t believe my eyes. I simply could not believe that she would allow her kid to wear it and to go out in public wearing it. Then again, maybe she has an old Mao shirt in her closet from thirty years ago. I wonder what Kerry’s views on the Cuban Revolution were.

Web Griffin’s latest novel, Special Ops, has Che Guevara as a character, or at least as an antagonist. He was a butcher and a fanatic, not dedicated so much as to Marxism as to himself, with Castro as a vehicle. Those who idealize his movement would go to F****911 and lap it up. It’s not a lack of education, it’s a faith. Faith doesn’t depend on facts, and these people know the truth. They are not interested in historical records. They get driver licenses, can vote, and some will attempt to teach things to my daughter. Frightening.

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