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Electoral College tie?

USA Today considers the possibility of a tie in the Electoral College, thus throwing the election into the House. It’s not going to happen, of course. Since Bush will keep his lead (will probably drop down to about 5 points) there will less talk of this perfect storm as the campaign goes on.

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Note please that in the body of the article a mathematician hired by the Democrats has calculated the probablaility of a tie at just over 1%. Seems like a fairly unlikely event unworthy of USA Today’s attention. O r was the whole purpose to allow the Dems to accuse of the Republicans of trying to disenfranchise voters again. This canard is one that makes me want to see the Dems not just beat but humiliated. I think Hugh Hewitt is correct.


Didn’t all final recounts give Gore the win?

No, I think every major newspaper research project said that Bush was the winner even if the counting methods that Gore demanded were employed (I think Bush’s margin of victory would actually have increased)

Agreed. Rob has it right. Bush didn’t cheat, didn’t lie, and he isn’t stupid. Still gonna vote for Kerry, Joe?

If I am right, didn’t the objective New York Times even grudgingly admit that Bush won fair and square? I guess Al Gore’s speeches have more power over people’s minds than we think, or is good for them. Don’t forget that Democrats made most of the ballots, by the way. But, I guess it’s a Republican conspiracy to disenfranchise black voters.

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