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Fertility rates and politics

Philip Longman argues that fertility rates have something to do with politics, and fertility rates have something to do with religious conviction and with Bush supporters. Utah has the highest fertility rate in the nation. "Utah annually produces 90 children for every 1,000 women of child-bearing age. By comparison, Vermont -- the only state to send a socialist to Congress and the first to embrace gay unions -- produces only 49."

"High fertility also correlates strongly with support for George W. Bush. Of the top 10 most fertile states, all but one voted for Bush in 2000. Among the 17 states that still produce enough children to replace their populations, all but two -- Iowa and Minnesota -- voted for Bush in the last election. Conversely, the least fertile states -- a list that includes Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Connecticut -- went overwhelmingly for Al Gore. Women living in Gore states on average have 12 percent fewer babies than women living in Bush states."  

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Probably because having children is a sign of maturity and a sense that moves beyond one’s own selfish wants. Bush’s message certainly is more attractive to those who are responsibile, while the Democrats consistently talk about the government taking responsibility for the veryday problems in people’s lives.

Thanks for the post; very informative.

Could this be part of the Roe Effect? James Tarranto of Best of Web often comments about democrat women aborting more than republican women. True or not, I don’t know. But here does seem to be some correlation between red states, blue states and abortion rates and family size.

"Gore states on average have 12 percent fewer babies than women living in Bush state"

Could someone please parse the grammar of this sentence....on second thought.....

So, does this mean, that over the next years, conservatives will BREED themselves even more into power and the majority?

Hey, I will tale it anyway I can get it!

Keep havin’ kids, conservatives!!!

The real question is the extent to which one’s political leanings transfer to the next generation. Conservatives may have larger families, but does that necessarily mean that their children will also be conservatives? Who’s to say that they aren’t filling the world with lefties?

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