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Schroeder’s Social Democrats take a large hit in elections in the state of Saarland. They lose 14% of the vote; down to 30% from 44%, five years ago. This "was just the latest in a series of state election defeats for the Social Democrats since he won re-election two years ago. In elections to the European Parliament in June, the Social Democrats had their worst showing in a national ballot since World War II." Many fear that Schroeder will backtrack on his promises to cut welfare benefits, thereby plunging the country into a crisis. And note this on the looming crisis in both Germany and France. "With all eyes fixed on the American presidential elections, the scale of the looming crisis in France and Germany has gone largely unremarked. But it may so change the political geography of Europe that British arguments for and against the EU will be made redundant. A pervasive sense of decline in both countries, only partially justified but none the less virulent, is destabilising not just the structures of the EU - but the political systems of France and Germany." It could turn ugly.

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It won’t TURN ugly as far as I’m concerned.

It’s almost sure now that the next German chancellor will be a ’Christian Democrat’, - btw a quite fitting label because unfortunatly there is nothing like Anglo-Saxon Conservatives here - with any luck it will be Angela Merkel and though she is and will be no Margaret Thatcher (see above) I believe she is the best hope for German politics that I can see now.

Germany will vote Schroeder and his far left collegues out of office - if only because he was unable to explain basic economics to his potential leftist followers (he was too busy to betray, demonize and sabotage America and GWB as much as he could) and they therefore stay at home while he HAS to reform - and that will be no small improvement.

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