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NLT readers may recall that I predicted last week that if Kerry loses, liberals in full meltdown mode will compare the Swift Boat ads to the Williw Horton ads of 1988.

Prediction verified in today’s Washington Post.

Just don’t ask me for any stock tips, or look back at my New Year’s even predctions last December, some of which don’t look very good right now (like certain dem nominee Howard Dean), though a couple of others are closer to the mark, such as media rumors about Dick Cheney’s health and his tenuous place on the ticket.

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One thing we can count on with the Donks - they’re never satisfied with having their own opinions, they want their own facts, too.

The WaPo writer makes a number of assertions which are clearly not factual:

As to the Horton ad:

"The ad was intended to highlight allegations that Dukakis was soft on crime, but critics saw it as an attempt to stir up racial fears."

He doesn’t mention that those "critics" were Democrats interested in changing the subject away from "How in the world did Horton get a furlough

As to the Swifties:

"But in both instances, news media reports subsequently exposed ties between the official campaigns and the independent groups."

Sorry, but there’s been no "exposure" of "ties" between the Bush campaign & the Swifties which go beyond "guilt by association", which isn’t acceptable proof of anything in any court in the land.

You’re absolutely right - the Left intends to portray a Kerry defeat as being the result of dirty tricks ... because they’re incapable of admitting that, you know, maybe their ideas have anything to do with it.

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