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Kerry, an inarticulate moment

The AP reports: "On the eve of a foreign policy debate with President Bush, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said in an interview that his explanation of why he voted in favor of additional funding for the war in Iraq before voting against it was ’one of those inarticulate moments’ in the campaign." Kerry said: "We should not have gone to war knowing the information that we know today. Knowing there was no imminent threat to America, knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction, knowing there was no connection of Saddam Hussein to Al Qaida, I would not have gone to war. That’s plain and simple." Yo’all can figure out whether this is line with other of his clarifications, including some recent ones. This is tiring.

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W also seems to stand for "what the hell is he talking about". He makes no sense. His goofy statement was made back BEFORE we know what we know now. The point of the question is why he made that dopey statement in the first place. It seems he’s trying to shift the question to...what, we should have known back then what we did not know until today? I dunno. I’m still confused. The Kerry strategy seems to be Bush is Wrong. Every statement made is to then be tailored to make that point. If asked what time it is Kerry would answer that it’s the wrong time what ever time it is and it because of this administration lack of vision, lack of leadership and lack of....bla bla bla. The democrates must be so embarassed.

John Kerry for Monday Morning President!

"If we had know... had we known then what we know now... after we knew."

Kerry would make a most excellent Monday morning President with his 20/20 hindsight.

Kerry - "If I were Abe Lincoln, and I knew in 1860 what I know in 2004, I would have tried to find a way to bring the South back into the Union, ended slavery, and prevented that horrible Civil War in which 600,000 gave their last full measure of devotion." Duh!

Incidently, you’ll note he explained this as being tired "late in the evening", and yet he said the remarks at a noontime speech. Seriously, is he even paying a staff? I mean isn’t their main job to prevent these kinds of things from happening? Perhaps he could explain this away in a future interview...

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