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Kerry on Iraq

This is John Kerry’s speech on Iraq at NYU yesterday. James S. Robbins analyzes it and concludes that what he recommends is what Bush is doing. Brain Terminal considers Kerry’s many and contradictory positions on Iraq. And here is what Rich Lowry thinks:

"I think he has to keep hammering away at Iraq like this because it’s his best chance at eroding Bush’s advantage on national security. The critique portion of it (almost all of it) had some power. But as Jim Robbins points out today on the homepage, when he gets to his solutions the speech trails off into irrelevance or vague agreement with Bush: the international help he talks about is not going to be forthcoming; training Iraqi forces is crucial, but we’re already trying to do it; spending money faster on construction projects is also something we are trying to do. In my column today I offer some Iraq advice to Kerry that I realize is mostly fanciful. But I believe Bush’s conduct of the war is open to a fairly scathing Jacksonian Zell Miller-style “win this thing or not” critique. If Kerry ever were to stumble onto it--and flip-flop into making it--he might get somewhere on Iraq."

This is Lowry’s NRO article.

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isn’t the larger point that Bush went into Iraq undermanned and without a good plan and the resulting destabilization has left no good options. I know what they are capable of and I don’t want anymore.

Bush went into Iraq undermanned due to significant military cutbacks implemented by a previous administration. A good plan is removing the threat of Saddam Hussein, who promoted & endorsed training of fanatics within his borders who would use airliners as Weapons of Mass Destruction on our own soil against our own people. And if Mr. Kerry ultimately agrees with and recommends the same tactics currently implemented by Bush in Iraq, what exactly is the problem???

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