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Kerry’s latest principles

Here is the transcript of Kerry’s press conference (the first in over a month). I saw panting reporters explaining how Kerry has found his footing, finally. Their excitement that there may be a real campaign in the offing, after all, was palpable. In fact, Kerry has changed his mind yet again, and now he is determined and settled into full anti-war candidacy. He is taking advantage of what he sees as an ill-wind from Iraq, and he means to ride that wind to election day. This disposition, this mode--this formless political self--is the main reason why Kerry should not be elected president. Whatever happened to Bill Clinton’s advice that he stick to domestic policy? Well, remember that Groucho Marx once said, "These are my principles, if you don’t like them I have others." This applies to Kerry perfectly. He is on the edge of the cliff and any good wind, or a good word breathed by Bush, will blow him over into the void. The fall will be spectacular and my grandchildren will studying his campaign as an exercise in idiocy and futility, a formless man at the helm of a party without a cause.

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What ever happened to Bill Clinton’s advice that he stick to domestic policy?

It would appear that Kerry has become convinced that Clinton doesn’t have his best interests at heart.

Peter, having read you for nearly two years now I am certain that you have made one of your most insightful posts. Your use of "idiocy" was not meant to be in the easily flung pejorative but rather the description that best fits this man and his philosophy (or lack there of).

Thanks. Appreciate it. But, you know the old saying, give enough monkeys a typewriter and some time and eventually out comes Hamlet....I almost feel sorry for Kerry. Almost.

I fully concur with you assesment. However, I remember feeling the same optimisim before the last Presidential Election as Al Gore stumbled his way through the election season re-inventing himself as he went and we all remember what happened.

All I can say at this point is that I am cautiously optimistic, but do not underestimate the GOTV operations of the DNC and the Unions. These guys play for keeps, and will stop at nothing to win, not to mention the MSM willingnous to follow the DNC lead.

I agree bill. Kerry is stumbling through his campaign, and yet Bush might still be defeated, not because of any great surge of Kerry’s, but simply because of the media influence on the minds of this nation, and because people just dont agree with many of Bush’s policies. It is true, however, that since the Rathergate scandal the media’s influence, especially that of CBS, has become less prominent.

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