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Muslims as second class citizens

AFP runs this non-story about how Muslims in America are being discriminated against and are drifting toward Kerry (if not running). The whole thing is worth reading (to get your juices flowing for the day) but I especially like this: "’Today, Muslims and Arabs are second-class citizens in the United States.’

The parallels between the experiences of black Americans and Muslim Americans have not been lost on ordinary Muslims like computer engineers Suhl Kahn and Badar Hussain.

’Blacks weren’t really Americans until 9/11,’ noted Kahn, in a wry observation on mainstream America’s shifting perceptions of ’us and them’ in the wake of the terror attacks on New York and Washington." Blacks weren’t Americans until 9/11! Did you get that.

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Now that would be news to Mr. Frederick Douglass!

Here is a comment that both encourages me and also infuriates me, all in the same sentence.

"He has made it hard for Muslim students to come here, and fostered a negative view of our faith."

Actually I am glad it is harder for students to come here. It is a priveldge not a right for foreigners to enter this country and utilize the benefits of our post secondary educational system. that part encourages me that we are doing smart and simple things to try to avoid another 9/11.

the rest fo the statement is a bit of projection. "Your faith" thought it constant repitition of canards about Israel and weak to noneistant denunciations for inhuman acts by Muslim terrorists have indeed forstered a negative view of your religion. President Bush has been a better advocate for Islam than most Islamic leaders unfortunately. I no longer believe it to be the Religion of Peace dispite what Bush has told us repeatedly.

I believe that the American people will not shirk from stronger measures if further attacks occur on American soil. If we have to ban all Muslim immigrants, it will happen. If we need to monitor even closer the activities of people willing kill innocent children like in Beslan, I am quite certain the pressure on the congress and the Senate will be fierce and compelling.

Seems like instead of whining that the proper response would be to condemn and root out the cancer plaguing Islam.

Don’t tell Al Jazeera!

Quarantine them until they are civilized.

I am continually amazed at the left’s uncanny ability to ignore reality. It seems to me that others - Muslims all - have done vastly more, indeed everything necessary and imaginable - to foster a negative view of their religion and hinder their entry into our country.

And for all of Islam’s redeeming qualities (there are a couple), a "Religion of Peace" is not a description that I would soon recognize or attribute, either.

The vast majority of Muslims are not Thuggee, but neither have they worked much at denouncing, much less stopping, the 100,000 or so who *are* Thuggee, and are painting the rest as such.

It would be well for them to recall what a world-bestriding Western power did about the Thuggee, and get up off their collective asinae.

Bottom line, the Muslim world community needs to take back it’s spirituality from the criminals who are hiding behind it. We are approaching critical mass in this area. "for us or against us" To all the Muslim nations, what’s it gonna be?

To paraphrase LT Naum, I’m amazed(but not continually) at why nobody here has referred to Michelle Malkin’s book. It’s perfectly appropriate!
Did you get a chance to visit the tigers?

I did, thank you, but had trouble navigating the website (our internet is not of the best pedigree, here). It wasn’t clear to me what the website was, other than a place for veterans of the unit to assemble. What particulalry did you want me to see? I’ll try to head back there when I can.

Also, I assume you’re refering to Ms. Malkin’s book on the Japanese Internment and reparations. What’s the tie-in here? You lost me on this one, too.

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