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On the Yankee collapse

Some of you might know that the Indians of

played baseball last night while the Yankees of New York were also on the field. I understand that there were also circa 51,000 Yankee fans as witnesses to this Hegelian augenblick. While I am not the sort of person to rub it in or anything like that, I would like to ask a few of my friends (using the word loosely, if I may) what they thought of this earthshaking event. Does this have anything to with the election? Does the fact that, near the end, all those Yankee fans ended up rooting for the Indians mean anything? At would seem that at a certain point in the battle, even the partisans recognize the excellence of the other side and have to admit--in their hearts and even in public--that the other side should win. There is room for virtue. So, Robert, what do you think?

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As a Yankee fan, this is just the beginning of the end for the Yanks. I do not believe they will make the post season. Their pitching is atrocious, and that’s an understatement. They have had bad pitching for the last three years now and have never addressed it. I do not think they play hard anymore. And they have made some bad executive decisions: signing Giambi, trading for Loaiza, not going after solid players that play hard consistently.

I know you are looking for a more cosmic response, but I did meet the immediate criterion: an opinion by the few friends (loosely is accepted here) on this earthshaking event. This is only the beginning of a series of earthshaking events surrounding the Yanks. My only regret is that it will do nothing for Cleveland’s odyssey towards the playoffs. If not NY, then the Tribe will suffice.

Well, I am the sort to rub it in. In fact I relish the opportunity to disparage the Yankees. The analogy could really go either way. Are the Yankees the Republican Party – those “fat cats” that will spare no expense to win it all, trouncing the little guys in doing so (KC Royals = Middle Class?) Or, are the Yankees the Kerry Campaign? Despite an early lead and poor showing by the competition (Red Sox = GWB?), both (Yanks/Kerry) are falling apart at the seams while the competition (Sox/GWB) is gaining huge momentum.

Well, seeing that I am a hugely partisan Boston Red Sox fan and a Republican I would hope that the second of my analogies will come true. While a Bush victory will be grand – a Red Sox World Series Victory would be pure, unadulterated delight.

Actually, as a Bush fan, I would tie him to the Yanks. After all, they represent America’s Founding principles and character, whereas the perennial losers represent the failed scrim of American history. Or, something like that.

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