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Peter Jennings: Gratuitous Moron

Last night, Peter Jennings concluded his broadcast:

[T]he one thing we’ll leave you with tonight was what Giuliani said last night. He being a great New York Yankees fan said the Republican party’s future was like the Yankees’, maybe a little glib to conclude with but tonight the Yankees got beaten by Cleveland, 22-0. I’m Peter Jennings.

Leaving aside the gratuitous slap at the Yankees, Jennings is wrong about what Giuliani said in his speech. Most online versions don’t have the Yankee comment in Giuliani’s speech, because it was not in the published version, but rather was ad libbed on stage. But the NY Daily News covered it:
Drawing cheers, laughs and even leading a brief "New York, New York" chant, Giuliani reveled in the minute-long standing ovation from the Republicans. "It feels like a Yankee game," he quipped, after chants of "Rudy! Rudy!"

That the convention felt like a Yankee game (and we all must agree how pleasant that is!) is very different from saying the party’s future is like that of the Yankees. It’s time to send Jennings back to the minors.

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have a sense of humor. That was a funny coincidence and any reporter would bring that up with either party.

Mr. Brandow: I have a sense of humor, but Mr. Jennings erred in his characterization of Giuliani’s statement. He could have brought it up correctly and said that Giuliani thought the convention felt like a Yankees game, but instead he tied it to Republican fortunes, which is simply not what was said. Furthermore, I disagree with your conclusion. Jennings would not have brought that up at the DNC. And if he did, he would not have misquoted the speaker in such a way as to have increased the rhetorical dig.

Jennings of all people should understand the Republican concept of America. Where else could a Canadian born Maxist Socialst get a job as a news anchor on a national network with less than a high school education. After all he could be standing in a line in his home country waiting a year to see a doctor!

Hey Chris, we do have a sense of humor... We’ll be laughing our collective asses off when your abortion party gets pounded this November, free cheerleading from the media notwithstanding.

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