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PM Ayad Allawi’s Address to Congress

Here is a transcript of Allawi’s address to Congress. And here is Kerry’s patronizing response as reported by Al-Jazeera. I’ll be writing more about this soon.

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Kerry’s responded to some reporterette asking him if Allawi lived in the same "fantasy world" as the president.
Kerry said Allawi contradicted himself. But to me Kerry called the Iraqi Prime Minister a liar.
How dare Kerry call Allawi anything but
brave and courageous!

Well, I think it is pretty clear that PM Allawi is not one of the foreign leaders that Senator Kerry has run into in a restaurant and received an endorsement from. I must say, what’s most offensive was Kerry’s neo-colonial pretense on the role of PM Allawi on this trip. Ah well, as long as Frnace and Germany are on his side, all is well.


His new position on Iraq is going to sink him.

If you read the Al-Jazeera article your might have noticed the opinion that an occupied country cannot have a free and fair election. Good point.

an occupied country cannot have a free and fair election.

Nonsense. Both Germany and Japan had "free and fair" elections in spite of the presence of occupying forces. They’d only cease to be "free and fair" if there were evidence of actual interference with the electoral process. The mere presence of U.S. forces hardly invalidates the vote. Of course, I’m sure the folks at Al Jazeera would like us to believe that. I’m sure they’d love to see U.S. forces withdrawn before the election, knowing full well that chaos would ensue. Failing that, the plan is to denounce any electoral result as obviously invalid because American troops are there. And this, no doubt, will be the line taken up by the Bush administration’s opponents in this country as well.

John, I think he means that we should kill everyone so the country would be unoccupied. That way they could have free elections. Gee, I think I’m getting the hang of ’Kerry logic(tm)’

I would love to know how John Kerry has gotten his information from the soldiers in Iraq. On an interesting website ( there are many comments directly from the soldiers, but none that back up Kerry’s claim that the soldiers are all wondering what they’re doing in Iraq. I especially like the last paragraph of PFC Kevin Keith’s October 13th posting.

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