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I have a question that I hope someone around here can answer. When a relative handful of folks--mostly anti-abortion activists--showed up to protest the Democratic National Convention in Boston they were confined to a small area surrounded by chain-link fence and razor wire. The threat of terrorism was cited as the reason for this, and I heard nary a peep--except from the protesters themselves--about this being a denial of constitutional rights. But a month later, of course, radicals of every shade traveled from all over the country to New York City to protest the Republican National Convention, and not only were they permitted to march, but they were able to hover outside the convention hall and harass GOP delegates.

Has anyone made an issue of the obvious disparity in the way the two groups were treated? Why hasn’t there been more of an outcry over this?

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The reason that the democratic protestors were allowed to mingle and harass the republicans is that the so-called republican mayor of New York City allowed this to happen. He is a democrat in sheep’s clothing. He switched parties when he knew that the democratic challenger would not get the financial help from the DNC. Bloomburg is a discrace to the GOP! On the flip side, President Bush’s speech was absolutely historic in content. I heard one elderely gentleman yesterday say that the president’s speech was so powerful that it gave former president Clinton a heart attack. Former president Clinton and his family are in my family’s heart and prayers.

Disparity thy name is ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times,Associated Press, 9th Circuit Court, etc. What you are really witnessing is the death rattle of the socilaist left.

After the Reublican win in November the Democratic Party will cease to exist as an institution and the Republicans will split into conservative and compassionate. And that will be the new two party system.


I believe your misunderestimating him again.

What better way to identify the Kerry True Believers, than to have them ranting around in public. How better to get their true faces in front of the voters. And it almost worked; the media was almost forced to cover them. But the media was to smart to be caught in such an obvious set-up, even if the great (or not so great, really) unwashed masses of protestors and their keeper in the DNC weren’t. Instead they were left playing a game of capture the flag, and stumbling around in need of a shower.

Simple common sense of coarse. The Boston (DNC)authorities assumed that all the protesters would be the same as the group that they were going to send to NYC . But armed!

Not to be too Kerryesue but... I have two words for you-

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