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One notes this morning the furious amount of "ventriloquist journalism" (wherein reporters find people to give quotes to back up their preferred story line) still going on over the Zell Miller speech. I have lost count of all the stories, but note that the ventriloquists’ favorite sock-puppet, John McCain, has been enlisted in the cause of running down Zell.

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I find it incredible that Yahoo is now in the business of issuing editorials on their home page. The title of one of their speeches was, "Bush Glosses Over Complex Facts in Speech." Not "George Bush spoke about war and domestic policy," or, "Bush addresses RNC," but some liberal editorial saying that he glosses over facts, but the obviously sophisticated, complicated Kerry wouldn’t do such a thing. The first lines of the story were:

"President Bush (news - web sites) glossed over some complicating realities in Iraq (news - web sites), Afghanistan (news - web sites) and the home front in arguing the case Americans are safer and his opponent cannot deliver."

Sounds like an op-ed to me!

Substitute "stories" for "speeches" for what Yahoo issued.


I’ve noticed the same thing with Yahoo! headlines. Maddening, isn’t it?

Here’s another bit: CNN Headline News characterized the jobs report for August as "less than stellar." Interesting. The economy adds 144,000 jobs and the unemployment rate drops to 5.4% and that is less than stellar. At least admit when you are putting a partisan spin on news, instead of trying to hide it behide a facade of neutrality.

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