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Howard Kurtz of the WaPo recounts how the blogs ran with the specious CBS story based on the forged memos. There is nothing that you don’t already know in this, but I think it is significant because it is the start of a new regime in reporting and journalism, and this new regime is now being recognized by the ancien regime, which is acting as historians of their own death. All honor to Powerline and the other worthies. May the ancient regime Rest in Peace.

The new order will depend on the ability of the people to recognize the difference between the false and the true. Dan Rather and the other self-appointed guardians of the ancien regime are not amused and are afraid because a massive fact--formerly thought to be a self-evident--has been revealed to one and all: The people will not click their heals and salute just because Dan Rather and his guardians tell us to. The rational wrath of citizens against their media elites and tormentors is now seen to be consequential. It is the citizens who have courage, it is the citizens who can govern themselves without Dan Rather’s biases or his approval. We govern ourselves and we think this is good. We just proved it and we will wait and see if the CBS announcement scheduled for later today recognizes this massive fact. Even if it doesn’t, the candid world does.

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I learned today that Dan Rather broke the story on a fake memo that the media accepted as true when it was actually a forgery on a computer. I applaud Rather for his quick, incisive journalism that exposed this fraudulent attack on the president. I have also heard that the journalists who accepted the memo wrongly on face value are now blaming the White House for their own error.

The forged memo involved the National Guard. Were any federal laws violated? I heard one person bring up this question on a talk show but have never heard a definitive answer. Most journalists have said they don’t want Congress to investigate since they consider it a First Amendment question. But is it a criminal matter?

Ahh, Dan Rather broke a story using fraudulent government documents as the proof of the story. He and many others think it’s no secret that what the Bush received special treatment to get into the TANG and to get out, and forged documents wouldn’t disprove the charges.

Yes Dan it would. There’s no evidence that proves the charges, other than these kinko copied forged substitutes. So if they’re invalid, which they are, then you and all your friends can only belive Bush was treated specail but you can’t prove any of it. Time to retire dan.

A judge said it is a criminal matter, but don’t know yet if charges will be sought.

10 years ago, these documents would’ve carried the story. The powerline guys are super smart attourneys who know how to do research. I think the media thinks the bloggers who exposed the fraudulent docs on this story, are just going to attack any stories we like, with, bs. Powerline guys are cheap shots artist. If they say something wrong with a story, their is.

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