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Why the Demos can’t take the South

Apparently Glenn Reynolds will be writing a weekly column for the London Guardian. This is his first. He claims--I think he is essentially right, subtleties aside--that Democrats don’t have a chance to take the South because they are not strong enough on defense. The movement away from JFK’s "bear any burden, pay any price" language to the "peace at any price" language of the anti-war people of the 60’s is the turning point. I would add, in passing, that the election in 2004 is the first time the Democrats have actually given up on the South. At least in the past, for example 2000 (and 1976, 1980, 1992, and 1996), they had nominated a Southerner; that helped. Now, having Edwards on the ticket doesn’t even help. In giving up the South, the Demos are forced to pull on inside straight this time. I also remind you that if Gore had won his home state in 2000, it would be a different political world.

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Nor can they take Ohio.

Ah dun heerd a new Mason-Dixon poll has Bush ahead in North Carolina 52% to 43% or so for sKerry. Well so much fer the Edwards factor in his "home" state. But ya know, I coulda sworn that ’ol John boy earlier this heah year was representin’ Ioway. He hardly evah came home.

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