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World Poll favors Kerry

This is amusing. Drudge linked to this article from AFP on a World Poll. It turns out that a majority of people in 30 of 35 countries want Kerry to win the election. Many little tidbits in here (as if they mattered), including these:
"The only countries where Bush was preferred in the poll covering a total of 34,330 people and conducted in July and August were the Philippines, Nigeria and Poland." And "India and Thailand were divided." Canada prefers Kerry, 61% to 16% for Bush, and "Strongest negative views on US foreign policy were held in Germany, with 83 percent of those polled saying "worse" followed by France (81 percent), Mexico (78 percent), China (72 percent)..." Enough said. You get the point.

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Too bad Kerry is running for President of the United States.

It’s going to be really easy to convince the democratically elected leaders of other countries to work on controversial problems with a Bush administration that is sooooo popular with their electorate.

And 10 out of 10 terrorists support John Kerry as well.

None of the people polled votes in any U.S. election. We should listen to them why????

But John Kerry could be the next Secretary-General! Look out Kofi!

how is lisening to what the world thinks going to help Kerry?(or bush for that matter)

Are there enough people left in Mexico to do a poll?

The world wants Kerry, give him to the world. Declare him Emperor of the U.N. and kiss him goodby.

Dear Daughter of Republican,
Welcome to NLT. Here on this little corner of the web you have an excellent opportunity to see the conservative "mind" in action. I hope you enjoy your trips through here. Check back often. By the way, the title you’ve chosen is a bit confusing. Are you really the daughter of a republican?

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