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Cheney a Hottie?

O.K., I thought it was just me and, as a girl who had posters of Lincoln and Churchill in her dorm room rather than the latest heart-throb, I tend to disregard my own opinions on these matters. But I’m telling you--Cheney struck an unexpected cord with women in this debate. Listening to female callers on talk radio in Los Angeles and talking with female friends (not just Republicans--but also not wild-eyed Kerry supporters), I keep hearing the same refrain--Dick Cheney was sexy in this debate. Security moms are not only impressed with his command of the issues, we were also strangely drawn to him as he talked . . . and it was more than just gravitas! He made John Edwards look like the Eddie Haskel that he is. Even though Cheney apparently DID meet Edwards before this debate (as per CNN) it is only more damning to Edwards that Cheney could not remember it. An undistinguished record indeed!

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Although I have yet to watch the debate in its entirety, I think I can relate to Julie on the basis that real authority and solid security are generally more attractive than simple good looks and smooth talking. While the good looks & smooth talking are an initial "hook", what REALLY matters is a sense of responsibility & solid decision-making skills. We’ve seen very little in the Kerry-Edwards campaign OR voting records. I find my own husband more attractive every time he steps up the plate and takes on a "bad guy" in our life - he’s already physically sexy to me, but when he takes a stand as a man, when he makes a decision personally or to lead our family, it just makes my heart skip a beat...

Over at the National Review on the Kerry Spot, Jim G. has a great line:

If I want a lawyer, I’ll call Edwards.

If I want someone killed, like a terrorist, I’ll call Cheney.

That resonates during a time of war.

Edwards is the kind of guy you date; Cheney the type you marry.

Also, think back for a moment to the video of Clinton jogging. . . Ugh, I know. Cellulite. Now, to W jogging. Is he a stud muffin or what?

I live in a house of five twenty-something females. We disagree on a lot of things, but last night we spoke with one voice when we looked at John Edwards and said, "Bleh." Honestly, the type of women who think that hustler is hot are the same women who fall for the town cheat. Slime just oozes out of those tiny little pores. His big wink and grin when he was introduced had us all laughing hysterically. So, yes, for those of us who prefer substance to flash, Cheney is the far more attractive candidate.

It says so much for the power of Edwards’s personality that Cheney DID meet him and doesn’t remember the occasion. This is a better insult that the one Cheney used last night.

Last night before the debate I was listening to WMAL in Washington and about 15-20 women called in to gush about how they think Dick Cheney is extremely sexy. The host kept saying, no way is he sexy, but the women wouldn’t let up. Finally, the host laughed and suggested that this is a perfect example of how men just don’t understand women and what makes them tick.

Sean Connery, Dick Cheney, and Peter Schramm - I don’t understand women!

I watched both the Presidential and
Vice Presidental debates and there’s
one thing that really bothers me. Both
Kerry and Edwards continue to demean
the contributions and committments of
our allies. Kerry talks about getting
more allies on board, (the major allies
which weren’t onboard may well find
themselves in the middle of the oil-for
food UN program)while it’s these very
nations whom threw all those roadblocks
in our way at the Security Council.
Kerry’s an opportunistic appeaser who
could care less about the people he
represents. If he did care, he’d at
least show up for work at the Senate
Chambers on a regular basis!!!

Yeah, it’s just SOOOOOO erotic to think that the man with a perpetual snarl, who just CAN’T accept that no WMDs have been found in Iraq (stupid AND stubborn!), might have his 5th heart attack during an intimate moment of passion (when he probably has to think of a military invasion to remain in play!).

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