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Court decision on Ohio’s provisional ballots

Secretary of State Ken Blackwell’s provisional ballot rules are reinstated by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. This means that those ballots that are cast outside the voters’ own precinct (anywhere in the county according to an earlier decision by a lower court) will not be counted. This lessens the chance for mischief in Ohio.

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That’s great, but I just don’t understand why the President spent so little time in Ohio over the last 10+ days. I think he took the state for granted and now most polls show Kerry with a commanding lead in the state? I’m very disappointed...Why was Rove and Co. so confident they would carry the state?

Colorado rules are that provisional ballots cas outside the voter’s precinct count only for the borderless races. That is a voter casts his ballot in the correct county, but not the correct precinct will have his vote for state representatives, national races and Colorado-wide proposals conted. The voter that casts a provisional ballot in the wrong county forfits races for state representatives, but not state senator ( maybe). Since these are fairly complex decisions made on a case be case basis, after researching the voters correct precinct, the ballots are counted within tendays after the election and reported only if the race is within some percentage points (I don’t know exactly what). This seems immeniately fair. But causes a fair amount of hartburn when you explain all the details.

Winston, what polls are you referring to? There are no polls that I have seen that "show Kerry with a commanding lead in the state." All of them have Bush ahead, and in many cases ahead by as much as 5-7 points.

Scripps | 10/17-10/21, Kerry +4


Also, Newsmax has similar references


Really? I just went to that webpage and they had Bush up.

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