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Ken Masugi at The Remedy posts about crime fiction novelist, Andrew Klavan, who argues that stories told by American artists need to be more inclusive--i.e., include more characters with conservative values. In particular, he mentions that it would be nice to see a character who is a "self-fulilled housewife." Bravo! I could not agree more after having subjected myself for a second time (the first was only for 15 minutes--it was all I could take) to the new ABC melo-drama Desperate Housewives. I watched it the first time because I knew it was going to be a hit, suspected I knew why, and had a notion I might write something about it. But it was so god-awful pedestrian, over-wrought, and full of cliches (and yes, I get that it is supposed to be a parody) that I couldn’t take it.

I watched it again last night because I have heard about little else from my female friends and aquaintances for the last two weeks. I must admit to being somewhat mystified by their approval of the series since most of these women are, in fact, housewives and the show is very clearly meant to belittle that occupation (the characters are all neurotic in one way or another). But then, last night about 1/2 hour into it, it hit me. The Villain is a man--indeed a husband. This does not bode well for the health of our society or our marriages. As I realized this, I turned off the TV and looked at my husband and suggested we find something better to do.

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These are people who need a life - get off the &#@% sofa and experience life, will ya? I admit that I haven’t watched this "show" nor do I watch any reality TV. Boring, boring, boring. The feminists have just been around long enough to convince women that lives as housewives and mothers are utterly unfulfilling, emotionally and mentally stiffling and lack of sort of glamor or sophistication. As the mother of a toddler, I can only take so much of children’s programming so I don’t let my daughter watch a lot of it. Instead, we listen to music, play with Play-doh, and talk, talk, talk. Connecting with my child is quite fulfilling and doing something wonderful for my husband brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

In my US Women’s History class (I teach), we discuss the role models out there. If you were fed a steady diet of television and movies, what you think about your life? Does it measure up? Are you beautiful enough to attract a man? Do you have the right attitude, hair, clothes, friends?? Do you have enough tattoos and body piercings?? Yuck. Sheesh! Gimme a break! Women are neurotic if they try to meet up with some unattainable standard set by some unattainable person. This includes runway models and Martha. Get a life! Go play with your kids, take an art class, visit a museum, take a walk around the block, volunteer - be your own person, not someone else’s idea of who you shold be, how you should act, and what you should believe.

My wife is a fulfilled stay-at-home mom (why do we even need to add the adjective - when I was growing up 15 years ago, they were just known as "mothers.") staying home with our two small children. She loves doing the most important job in the world. Poor soul, she doesn’t realize how oppressed she is by our patriarchal marriage!

Well, ladies, apparently you need to get a real job because motherhood doesn’t count - that is, according to Theresa Kerry. I can’t believe the words that came out of that woman’s mouth. She is a walking caricature of a snobbish, European sophisticate.

You suggested to your husband that you both find "something else to do...." Wow, sounds hot and heavy. Also souds like a strong recipe for a healthy marriage.

I have not watched the show, but the commercials are such that it takes all of about two seconds to discern the gist of the show.

Terri Hatcher is attractive. And the other brunette chick is damn hot, blazing in fact, BIG TIME, Dick Cheney might add. That leads me to suspect that many men out there across the great expanse might NOT MIND watching the show with their wives, just because a couple of the women on the show are real easy on the eyes.

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