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Everyone is in Ohio today

I guess the fact that all four candidates are in Ohio today makes it perfectly clear that Ohio is the most importants state. But please note that Ohio is critical for Kerry, while less so for Bush (if he can pick up Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota). Go to RealClearPolitics for all the polls, both national and state, as well as tracking polls (be sure to glance at yeaterday’s figures as well). So, everyone says it is close and it will depend on turnout and independents. I am still not persuaded that it will all that close, nor am I persuaded that the turnout will be the largest ever, over 15 million more voting this year than in 2000, as I heard one Demo apparatchik say this morning. Nor am I persuaded that independents will tilt for Kerry. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Take a look at the Electoral Vote tally at RealClearPolitics and do some math to see how difficult it is for Kerry to pull this off.

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I do not think that the "undecideds," to the extent that they truly exist, will swing for Kerry. The media has waged an all-out war on Bush for a year, ranging from their conspiracy theories via Joe Wilson, to their ridiculous fawning over the internally-inconsistent and false assertions of Richard Clarke, to outright lies about Bush’s military service, to false stories this past week about missing weapons. The left has spent tens of millions of dollars comparing Bush to Hitler, pretending that the short recession Bush inherited from Clinton is akin to the Great Depression, and demagoguing issues such as free trade. And yet, even after all of this, these voters do not like Kerry enough to support him. Do not expect that to change. We all know in our gut that Bush is the better choice.

I agree, I don’t think there are that many undecided voters at all.

Are the candidates all in the newly-transplanted southeastern town of Galena with Bob Kerrey?


Good one, Bob. It’s sad that I don’t find this surprising.

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