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Kerry Won’t Repeat Gore’s Mistake

Via Drudge, John Kerry is apparently planning to declare victory early on Election Day, putting him in position, when the inevitable complications arise, of allowing him to defend what he has already claimed. This was Gore’s big mistake in 2000, it is argued--by conceding to Bush prematurely, he created "a sense of inevitability in voters’ minds about Bush’s presidency."

Consequently, I’ll be expecting to hear Kerry’s victory speech at about 6 pm EST.

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I just hope the President wins and the margin of victory is enough that Kerry doesn’t have this option...It’s like the Democrats are usurping the democratic process. I only wonder whether or not most Americans see (or even care) what’s going on here? So very disappointed at the animosity the Dems display on an almost daily basis. What happened?


Some on the left are really trying to turn this election into a joke, ala coups in the Third World. Let’s just consider the news from the last few weeks:

(1) There is already a disgusting amount of voter fraud in places like Ohio and Colorado, even to the point of trading crack cocaine for fake registrations.

(2) Some groups have preemptively sued (at least in Ohio) to stop the government’s perfectly reasonable efforts to curb said voter fraud, including such seemingly commonsensical rules as requiring you to vote at the proper location.

(3) We have seen memos telling groups in Colorado to allege "voter suppression" even where there is none, and memos in Florida instructing Democratic activists to break election laws.

(4) There are drive-by shootings, assaults, break-ins, and computer thefts at Republican campaign headquarters all over the country.

(5) More than 40,000 people are double-registered in Florida and New York City alone, and these people in fact double-voted in 2000.

(6) Now the candidate whose party is committing these atrocities has already decided to declare victory, before the votes are counted.

Is there nothing that Kerry won’t do in order to get elected? Is there no level to which the anti-Bush crowd will not stoop?

So much for a peaceful Wednesday morning. So much for unifying the country after an election.



Sounds like you need to order Hugh Hewitt’s book If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat; Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on it..

There is no level to which they will not stoop. It is unfortunate.


It would be funny if Kerry declared victory at 6pm EST and the democrats in California then decided to stay home thinking the election was over. And then have Bush take the state.

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