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Last Thoughts on Derrida

I’ve had my nose down for weeks working on two books, two large lectures, and organizing a massive conference on climate change, so I have been neglecting my blogging duties here. The death of Derrida over the weekend has roused me from my single-minded focus. The New York Times headline was priceless: "Abstruse Thinker" it called Derrida.

But the real head-turner was the detail that has gone heretofore unmentioned: The announcement of Derrida’s death came from the office of French President Jacques Chirac. (Better known to our current president, rumor has it, as "Jackass Chirac.")

This raises some great possibilities from a potential Kerry presidency, since he so admires the French. In the spirit of Christopher Buckley, we may look forward to such White House announcements as:

"Kerry Expresses Concern for Stanley Fish Gall Bladder Surgery."

"Kerry Mourns Death of Noam Chomsky: Linguist Expires During Latest Rant."

"Kerry Alarmed at News of Cornel West Hemorrhoid Flare-Up."

"Kerry Joins Intervention to Get Michael Moore Committed to Weight Loss Treatment Program."

Other entries invited. . .

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Come now, whatever one might think of him, Derrida was far more interesting and insightful than Cornel West or Michael Moore could ever hope to be, and Chompsky lost it when he went for politics rather than linguistics. Stanley Fish is the only one on the list who comes close. It is too bad for Edward Said that he passed away under Bush’s presidency. I somehow suspect the president was not a big fan of his work.

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