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Mr. Kerry, you are no FDR.

Despite his "Rushmore-like" facial features, John Kerry is no FDR. Thomas Sowell has a devastating article that demonstrates how Kerry’s political immaturity and irresponsibility lead him to his never ending demand for "plans." In war, however, some things cannot be planned. Sometimes we have to react--and sometimes we will take it in the shorts and there will be no one to blame but the enemy.

A sample from Sowell’s piece: "FDR said something else that has relevance today: ’If we are to be completely honest with ourselves, we must admit that there is risk in any course we take.’ He said that on December 29, 1940. But today there are those who think you can ’plan’ everything and that anything bad that happens is the fault of leaders who did not "plan" for it right. ’Plan’ seems to be a magic word politically."

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Thank you very much for the FDR quotation. I expended a lot of words trying to say the same thing in On the Edge of Forever: Star Trek and the War on Terrorism: ".... Yes, Spock and Kirk knew what they had done: they let an innocent woman be killed, to keep history on its proper course, saving the lives of millions. But they also knew the horrific consequences if Keeler were killed: millions died anyway in the carnage of World War II. No choice was available to them by which war could be avoided. So it is with us. For war is being waged upon us. It has been for a decade or more. The only choices available to us are to wage war in return, with some horrific consequences, or to refuse to wage war in return, with some other horrific consequences...."

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