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The latest scandal to come down the pike with the purpose to take down another so-called conservative icon (though I would strongly dispute that designation for Bill O’Reilly) illustrates again the childish intellectual tendency of the Left in America to think that pointing out individual acts of personal hypocrisy is enough discredit ideas. Why, if so-and-so can’t live up to his own notions of virtue then those notions of virtue must be unattainable! They must be wrong! Gotcha.

Yeah, that works in 6th grade debate class. But grown-ups have learned to think longer and harder than that. We have learned that truth does not depend any one person’s ability to live up to it.

That said, if O’Reilly is guilty of saying and doing the things he is accused of saying and doing I think every grown-up is also capable of judging for themselves exactly what he is all about. But it is preposterous to suggest that anyone exposed to such rude talk is entitled to collect $60 million. The solution to that is to expose him (pardon the pun) and go on your way. If you lose your job, so be it. I wouldn’t work for such a cad--let alone spend hours on the phone and out to dinner with him.

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Hey! To quote all of my favorite Democrats. "It’s just about sex"!! What’s the big deal? Let me guess - this guy is on Fox. If he were on the Clinton News Network or the Rathergate network, this lady would be skewered just like Monica.

Consensual sex talk is permissable. In an employer-employee relationship the threshold of consent may be higher, but unless there is a tape of Bill saying that if she did not listen she was fired, no cigar. So to speak.
There was a procedure in place for sexual harassment complaints. Her bypassing that proceedure makes it a badger game.

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