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O’Rourke’s Debate Advice

In the Daily Standard, P.J. O’Rourke offers 16 pointsthat he would like to see Bush make in the next debate. Here are a few highlights:

(2) There are two organizations pushing for change in November--al Qaeda and the Democratic party. And they both have the same message: "We’re going to fix you, America." On the whole, the terrorists have a more straightforward plan for fixing things. They’re going to blow themselves up. Although, come to think of it, Howard Dean did that.

* * *

(8) No, it turns out Saddam Hussein didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. And how crazy does that make Saddam? All he had to do was tell Hans Blix, "Look anywhere you want. Look under the bed. Look beneath the couch. Look behind the toilet tank in the third presidential palace on the left, but keep your mitts off my copies of Maxim." * * *

(14) Let me tell you something, Senator Kerry. I don’t blame the U.N. for not supporting me in Iraq. The world is full of loathsome governments run by criminals, thugs, and beasts. When I mentioned "regime-change," hairy little ears pricked up all over the earth. Beads of sweat broke out on low, sloping brows. Blood-stained, grasping hands began to tremble. I had to put poor Colin Powell on the phone to various hyenas in high office and have him explain that America itself needed regime-change from 1992 to 2000. And we didn’t bomb the fellow responsible, and we only impeached him a little. Secretary Powell had to tell Kim Jung Il, Robert Mugabe, and Jacques Chirac to quit worrying and look at Bill Clinton and realize the fate that awaits them is a lucrative lecture tour, a best-selling book, and many willing, plump young women.

(15) Senator Kerry, you say you were in favor of threatening to use force on Saddam Hussein, but that actually using force was wrong. The technical term for this in political science is "bullshit."

Worth a few cups.   

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O’Rourke is a wise man indeed.

Gotta love #15.


Surely, Mr. O’Rourke means "bull****."

Certainly nothing offensive about lumping democrats together with Al Qaeda.

That complaint might have more legitimacy if the left was not so fond of producing ads that morph the President into Hitler, or, as in a recent issue of The Nation, running full-page spreads showing a demonic Bush caricature eating the head off a baby.

Robert, please use "bull#$%&".

If someone could cite an actual Hitler ad, other than an ad submitted and rejected by, I would appreciate it.

I don’t know about Bush-Hitler comparisons, but there was a Daryl Cagle cartoon that ran on July 31 comparing Bush to bin Laden. Entitled "Amazing Similarities," it includes such brilliant insights as "Both Oppose Gun Control," "Both are Rich," and "Both Come from Powerful Families." You can find it here. Just do a search by date.

In what sense was the Moveon ad "rejected"? It was put on their website as a finalist for a contest, and it (along with a second ad making the same ridiculous claims) aired on the site for months.

Some of those points are a little questionable, such as #9-11, but #7 and 8 make sense and are worth adressing

sorry, bad link.

Perhaps Bush should address the new John Edwards promise, that the lame shall rise up and walk. Edwards has really raised the bar -- this goes way beyond prescription drug coverage. . .

So we have the choice between Dick Cheny and Jesus for our vice president?

well, both Edwards and Jesus came from humble beginings(i.e. "My daddy worked in a mill") Other than that.....


what you say about the moveon ad is simply untrue. I know b/c as soon as I heard about the ad, which was not a finalist, but one of at least 50 ads, I went to see it, to see what idiotic thing someone would put up. it had already been taken down. It was removed before or just as voting was starting. perhaps you have heard differently, but what you have heard is wrong.

No Chris, you are mistaken. There were two ads, and they were posted on the site through late this summer. When the first one attracted media attention, they claimed to take it down, but only changed the location of the hyperlink. They then released a second one that generated no publicity, and ran them both on the site for months. I don’t know if they are still up now, but I saw them as late as mid-August, a very long time after they were allegedly taken down.

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