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I’m posting this from a hotel lobby in East Lansing, Michigan, where I’m attending a conference. The blogosphere seems to be buzzing about this tantalizing tidbit from Power Line. Hindrocket has learned "that a major newspaper will break a front-page story Monday morning that could create a serious problem for the Kerry campaign. We don’t yet have any details, but it relates to a foreign policy issue, and it will call into question--amazingly enough--John Kerry’s truthfulness."

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Also rumored on the web tonight is an impending "suprise" from the Washington Times tomorrow morning, which people on believe will offer proof that Kerry received less than an honorable discharge from the Naval Reserve, which is why his medals were "re-instated" after the Jimmy Carter amnesty for draft-dodgers (which also had other little-known provisions to cover a case like John Kerry’s). At the same time, the NY Times is set to channel the mainstream media into charges of negligence against the Coalition/the US armed forces/ and by extension, George W. Bush, with regard to allowing terrorists to scoop out munitions from one of Saddam’s 500 armament dumps, long after the fall of Baghdad. I worry a little that the public might soon have a bit of sympathy for our ersatz Rambo, and that excessive presentation of the truth about his war story could backfire.


The Washington Times piece concerns Kerry’s saying he went to the UN and talked to Kofi and members before we invaded Iraq-- they say he did not. It’s not about his discharge.

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