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The Demo spin

If you are interested in finding out how the Demos are spinning the bad poll numbers (aside from watching CNN and CBS) take a look at Ruy Teixeira and Ronald Brownstein. Also see Chris Suellentrop at Slate for a summary. I feel their pain.

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There won’t be any pain if the efforts to keep Nader off/keep Nader on the ballot in key states succeed in keeping ballots from being printed in time to get to military absentee voters. Or, for that matter, invalidate absentee ballots already sent out and returned, which presumably will be the case if the ballots that have been sent out are incorrect. There are sooo many ways to steal an election. . .


I received an absentee ballot from Ohio and it included a nice little note reading that the ballots were printed before Nader was kicked off the ballot and votes for him simply won’t count.

It is a shame to see 3rd party candidates not getting more attention.

I’d vote for Badnarnik (sp?) if I did not so sincerely despise the President’s war.


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