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The Jewish vote

Peter Beinart of The New Republic writes on the Jewish vote. Worth reading, even though it is not as conclusive regarding how Jews will end up voting in this election; despite the GOP push for those votes, most Jews will still back Kerry. Yet, Bush has succeeded with Orthodox and more religious Jews and the implication of that is this: "Religion is eclipsing ethnicity as a force in American politics."

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I know this is a real intelligent response, but Beinart is an idiot. I watched his debate last weekend on C-SPAN with Ann Coulter. I did not think she was very impressive, but then she did not have to be. An example: Abortion. Coulter said the people should decide whether it should be legal. Beinart said, or something to this effect, we generally don’t vote on that which is constitutional. This was just one thing. There were several other topics that came up that have been prominet lies spewed forth by National Democratic Media and its Editor in chief, John F. Kerry; that were basically supported by Mr. Beinart. What’s more is must of the students at the college where the debate took place applauded those positions.

No offense, but I will pass on reading anything by someone who believes that the death of an innocent child is constitutional and that furthers blatant lies. I like a challenge and love to hear opinions contrary to my own, but, frankly, any leftist drivel has no standing here until after the election. At that time maybe the left will begin to return to sanity, if they ever were truly there. Call me what you want it makes no difference. I will leave the hard job of stomaching drivel from the left, even if it seems to be fair it still has no credibity to me, for the good people here at No Left Turns.

I trust a good majority (because I have met many of them) of the writers here to give an ample summary of the left. Once the election is over, I can return to my own summarizing.

Keep up the good work, Professor Schramm.

Obviously credibity should have been written credibility, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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