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The Kerry Tax Rate

Stephen Moore’s revelation that the Heinz-Kerrys paid a tax rate of only 12.8 % adds the charge of hypocrisy to his arrogance from the debate on Friday (i.e., his pointing out that his tax plan would only affect him, Bush and Gibson). The people who really will be hurt by a Kerry tax plan are not the incredibly rich, as he would have you believe, but regular people who are working their ***** off to be rich someday. Moreover, it hurts the working class people who hold jobs in the vast majority of small businesses that will be taxed at the higher rate Kerry proposes. But I guess these are facts that are just a "nuisance" to Kerry too.

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I don’t know what Kerry is talking about. My wife and I liked getting the tax cut a few years ago. We have two young children and used the money to support them and the economy, mostly Pampers. Moreover, we like the fact that we can contribute more to our IRA plans so that we can plan for our own retirement and not depend upon the government for support. We’ll work hard and save for ourselves, thank you very much.

Thinking more broadly, the economy has been growing steadly over the past three years after the small one-quarter recession (which by the way is not an official recession in my textbook regardless of what the economists said), including the one quarter that saw whopping growth. Greenspan has also been raising interest rates, at least in part due to the fears of inflation fueled by economic growth.

Finally, if rich people get more tax cut money back, I say fine! They make more money and pay more taxes, hipster doofus! Of course, they’re going to get back more. Obviously especially so if you are John and Theresa Kerry.

Don’t use ***** in place of cuss words. It seems to me to be very tacky. If you’re going to imply it, just flat out write it. Some of us aren’t in 3rd grade anymore.

And, some of us would prefer civility.

Julie, please use "$%&!#".

Butts is not a cuss word--not sure what word you thought I was trying to imply. Still, its not a word I like to throw around on the main page of a family website. $%&#! would imply something more than I would have said--but you’re entitled to your own expression!

It was merely a jest in response to ... oh never mind.

What I found so disturbing about this line of conversation is that gentlemen are encouraging a lady to curse! What a world we now inhabit!

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