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Voter fraud

Robert Alt reviews John Fund’s Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy in the current paper version of National Review (you have to be a subscriber to read it on-line). Good review of a good book. Timely.  

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For what it’s worth, I heard recently that Cuyahoga County now has more registrants than there are total eligible voters. I wonder how that happen?

Lake and Summit Counties are investigating many suspicious registrations and absentee ballot requests also... up here in akron there’s been a lot of coverage of forged voter registrations and petition signatures. Not good.

i just can see Ohio being in 2004 what Florida was in 2000.

Ashtabula should investigate too. They had something like 6,000 new registrants in the last two months. Are there even that many unregistered people of voting age in that county? I am pretty sure there are not.

Even if Bush wins the state, widespread fraud will effect a lot of state legislative races, and might allow repeat-offender Capri Cafaro to continue to profit from wrongdoing.

What worries me most about all these new registrations is not that these people -- non-existent or non-resident or whatever -- will get up early and vote often on November 2, but that ACT and MoveOn.Org and other groups who have been responsible for the registrations will have kept lists of all of these "new voters" and will simply vote them by mail or absentee ballot. Reasonably honest elections are the footers of this government’s foundation. If the well-laid plans to steal this election are carried out successfully, what is left to support the republic?
It’s fun to contemplate, though, how even the legitimate voters in Ohio are going to get close enough to the voting booths to cast their votes on election day if the reports about the hordes of lawyers who are planning to be at the polling places to "monitor" and "protect" are even close to accurate!

Maybe some of those lawyers could leave the polls for a while to attend the arraignment of the Democratic surrogates that are trading crack cocaine for fake votes:

"124 Registrations Faked for Crack"

Mr. Staton was working on behalf of a Toledo woman, Georgianne Pitts, to register new voters. She, in turn, was working on behalf of the NAACP National Voter Fund, which was formed by the NAACP in 2000 to register new voters. . . . Pitts, 41 . . . admitted she gave Mr. Staton crack cocaine in lieu of cash for supplying her with completed voter registration forms.

This should be front-page news at every publication in the country. Then again, so should (1) the break-ins and computer thefts at Bush/Cheney campaign offices, (2) the shootings at other Bush/Cheney offices, (3) DNC publications giving illegal instructions to workers in Florida, and (4) the Colorado memo instructing Democrats to allege "voter suppression" even where there is none. But like all those stories, this one will be suppressed, so that we can dedicate the next two weeks to talking about how often Bush sighed during the first debate.

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