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Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s Secreteray of State, in Maine: "’It´s a very simple issue. Bill Clinton lied, but nobody died,’ Albright said when asked, during a rally for Democratic candidate John Kerry, about her support for Clinton during his impeachment."
James Taranto asks: "No one died in Watergate either; does Albright think Richard Nixon should not have been forced to resign as president? And what does it say about the Democratic Party that its members are proud to declare their erstwhile leader a liar?"

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I hear this same rhetoric in the school faculty room among the vass amount of democrats. For some reason they truly believe that there was a conspiracy against Clinton and that if the Republicans were not out to get him, then he would not have lied. I think because the media downplayed his impeachment, that a lot of people don’t realize what a stigma it really is. I highly doubt that the founding fathers planned on impeachment leading to massive book deals and head of party status....

It’s truly pathetic that ethics and morality boil down to "nobody died"...

Hey! But look at all the job creation under Clinton!

Madeline needs to return to her job cleaning the rooms at the Red Roof Inn located off exit 31 on the Interstate.

To think, during the brillant Clinton Presidency, this gal was the best we had at the State Dept.

"No one died"?

Israelis. Serbs. Sudanese. American sailors. Rawandans. Congolese. I guess she meant nobody Important died.

What a pathetic creature.

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