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What Media Bias?

Here is a choice selection from today’s AP "news" article about the homestretch of the campaign:

On the stump Saturday, the two candidates responded to bin Laden’s tape in ways reflecting their long-held campaign strategies.

The president - who throughout the campaign has sought to deflect voter concerns about the war in Iraq, his handling of the economy and his job performance overall by fueling fears about terrorism - continued that theme.

At his first stop in GOP-leaning western Michigan, he reminded supporters of the 2001 attacks. "Americans go to the polls at a time of war and ongoing threats unlike any we have faced before," Bush said.

In response to the videotape, the Bush administration warned state and local officials that the tape may be intended to promote or signal an attack.

Kerry has tried to tap anti-war sentiment within the ranks of the Democratic Party while assuring swing voters that he would keep them safe. The decorated Vietnam War veteran pledged anew to "destroy, capture, kill Osama bin Laden and all of the terrorists."

With a touch of swagger, Kerry began one sentence by saying, "When I am president," and pledged to provide "leadership and hope" to U.S. troops seeking a quick return home from Iraq.

That really was a well-written, liberal op-ed. It’s just a shame that it is masquerading as news.

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It’s just more of the same old electioneering, oops, I mean "reporting." I can’t believe some people have the gall to claim that the media is too "conservative." How out of touch must Eric Alterman be?

Most of the people who complain that the media is too conservative are socialists who think that all reporters are dupes of the American capitalist and political system to keep the small man down and that they are too patriotic in their support of America and its wars and values. Any fool who listens to the MSM or looks at polls on their social/moral views is convinced that they are very liberal.

I agree with you Tony, but you have to get the general population to sit down and think about the issues. Until they actually take the time to contemplate the facts, they will continue to take the media at face value. Maybe the founding fathers were on to something when they wanted "educated voters." I am frightened to put the future of our country into the hands of people who vote on who has the best hairstyle (and they do do that!)

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