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Who’s afraid of Kerry’s tax plan?

Did anyone else catch the arrogance in Kerry’s remark to the audience that the only people in that room who would be affected by his tax plan were himself, the President, and Charles Gibson? Does he have some magic powers that allow him to determine a person’s annual income just by looking him over? The nerve of him! Well, he does have an uncanny ability to zero in on rich women.

Bush did a good job explaining how rolling back the tax cuts would hurt the middle class--even if it only taxed people making over $200,000. But more can be said on that. Good opportunity for political hay over the next few days.

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What scares me is Kerry’s complete inability to do the math on his tax and spend proposals. He derided President Bush for his citation of numbers put up by "his" group of partisans. In fact, several non-partisan groups have criticized Kerry’s tax and spend proposals, saying the two proposals do not even come close to meeting up even using the numbers from Kerry’s web site. However, even putting that aside (and overlooking the arrogance of the comment), Kerry’s quick assessment that only three of the people in that whole room will be taxed more heavily to pay for his new giveaways undercuts his argument. There is no way the new spending he proposes can be paid for with the miniscule tax increase he proposes.

Man, you people are realy dense if you don’t even understand when someone is presenting you with an example- or as the chimp would say "fer inshtance" - in his fake Texas drawl.
His ability to use allusion is just another instance of John Kerry’s enormous superiority to the crybaby.

** allusion/illusion oh, I get it. Ha Ha.

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