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Why I am Voting for Bush

My friend Bob Lawson at Division of Labour has invited his contributors to say for whom they are voting, and why. In case anyone is interested, my answer is here.

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John Moser offers a very good account of why classical liberals/libertarians might want to hold their noses and vote for Bush. But he omits one crucial consideration: the opportunity the next President will have to appoint at least two and perhaps as many as four Supreme Court Justices. How could anyone who favors smaller government not think that Bush-appointed Justices will be at least marginally (and probably decisively) better than the appointees that a Kerry administration would try to push through the Senate?

I am voting for President Bush because I think he personifies a very "American" trait - standing up for what is right. Has every decision he has made been the right one? I’m not sure. But when he says that he wakes up each morning thinking about how best to protect the American people, I believe that. I think we citizens are called to consider not only ourselves when casting our vote, but to consider the effect it will have on our servicemen and women, future generations and our fellow citizens.

Though this might not be an issue that nessarily resonates with classical liberals and libertarians, I’m voting for President Bush because of his defense of human life and Kerry’s atrocious record on abortion.

Six times Kerry has voted to protect the horrific practice of partial birth abortion. He has a near perfect record according to NARAL and his campaign accepts blood money from notorious late-term abortionists.

He would also accelerate the march toward a "brave new world" with his unflinching support for embryonic stem cell research.

Simply put, the man is a fiend.

To the extent that you are at all worried about judicial nominees, it is important to remember as well that the overwhelming majority of cases are not about constitutional questions like abortion or affirmative action. There have been only a handful of such cases in the last 30-40 years, and on those specific issues, you could count the total number of cases on one hand. In every circuit in the country, however, hundreds of cases involving average issues (i.e., criminal law, contract disputes, ERISA claims) are heard each month.

Believe me, if most voters knew what the Carter and Clinton appointees were like in the bulk of their cases, it would be impossible for Kerry to demagogue this issue. Do you believe in property rights? Contract rights? I can assure you that a large number of the Carter/Clinton crowd do not. What kind of lawsuit are you more likely to be involved in?

One side believes in the rule of law, and leaves to the legislature its constitutionally-defined responsibility of lawmaking. The other side feels no constraint whatsoever, and simply does whatever feels right at the moment. There should be no question about who this issue favors.

I am a female, voting for Bush for three reasons, and three reasons only:
1. The war on terror
2. Judicial appointments (thanks, Moe. Good explanation)
3. I do not want any one in the White House -- or one heartbeat away -- who spends more time doing his hair and looking in the mirror than I do.

Why am I voting for Bush?: Because he understands that Islamism, the greatest threat to our freedoms, can only be defeated by changing the nature of the cultures that breed it,a concept that Kerry either refuses to accept or cannot grasp.

Bush is also more personally credible than Kerry, whom I view as a traitor, a liar and someone who throughout his campaign has demonstrated that he’ll impugn anyone and anything , including the men ad women on the front lines in Iraq and America itself, in order to get elected.

Kerry damaged his country during ’Nam by collaborating with our Communist enemies and deliberately slandering his fellow veterans in order to jump-start his political career.If you think this was simply a youthful indiscretion, think again:it was sustained and deliberate action, not a momentary lapse in judgement.Since then, Kerry hasn’t changed, his campaign rhetoric confirms this.

Kerry’s Democratic Party is now owned and directed largely by the radical left, which desires nothing more than to bring America to its knees by destroying its sovereignty and accelerating the instituting of more of the socialist agendas it has successfully and incrementally moved into American culture and politics over the last 35 years.Electing Kerry helps it succeed.

I’ve never been a rah-rah-go-Bush kind of guy, but given the choice at hand, and the gravity of the war against Islamic fascism, Bush is, by far, the only sane choice for president.

Unfortunately, I think he’ll lose, with grave implications for America. To read my views on what I see as Bush’s impending loss click on this link.

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