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Abolish the Electoral College?

Rep. Zoe Lofgren has proposed a constitutional amendment that would abolish the Electoral College, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. O.K., what does one say about this silliness? Read the story to see how full of barren ignorance she is; also note that the reasonable Tara Ross from the Heritage Foundation is quoted at length, to the advantage of the EC. This is essentiually Lofgren’s argument: (see her website): "The Electoral College is no longer a fair way to elect our President. Voters in California and other large states don’t have an equal say."

Lofgren should have this read this by the late Senator Moynihan
, and this minority report from 1970, or even this
or this,
never mind Federalist 39, or 68.

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Considering that most blue states contained extensive red counties, I think that the higly urban counties got more than their say. A direct plebosite would have elected Bush, and preseumably an directly proportional elctoral college would have more than elected Bush. So why are democrats pushing this as a solution to their stunning loss?

While I do lean strongly AGAINST abolishing the electoral college, I must wonder how many Ashbrook Center scholars (or Republicans generally) would be in favor of exactly that had Kerry achieved a mirror-image victory of that which Bush scored in November.
(Also, is a plebosite similar to a plebiscite?)

Dan: I have always favored the EC, regardless of who is in favor of ending it, and will do so even if things are perfectly reversed. By the way, I always opposed term limits, even when favored by the GOP (because it seemed to them to be to their advantage).

This is a topic that gets me upset. Not fair??? What about the vast middle of the country that does not have the huge population centers of NY and CA? How fair will it be for them when those majorities will elect all Presidents? The EC was devised for the explicit purpose of getting the whole country involved in the election of the President. When the Republic was formed the founding fathers already had the problem of populated urban centers in Philadelphia and New York City. They rural southern colonies did not want all the power to be concentrated in the northeast. As a result, the EC was settled upon. The Washington letter Babs tried to ignorantly cite goes on to argue for the EC. He says that the powerful NE would be offset in later elections by power from other parts of the country. Sorry such as long post, but I did say this gets me upset.

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