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Advice for Democrats

John Leo looks at the elections and has some advice for Democrats.

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I’ve got some useful advice, too. Quit your bellyaching. Stop telling us in every editorial that we are all too stupid to understand your "nuances." You are just digging yourselves a deeper hole by letting the remaining Kerry voters in the midwest know exactly what it is that the coasts think of us. The more hostile you become, the more people you alienate, and the worse you do.

But then again, I thought you would have learned that lesson already. You should have learned it in 2002. You didn’t. You should have learned it last week. You didn’t. Is it really we, the great unwashed masses, who are ignorant? Or are you just so bitter about having your ideals rejected that you cannot see the obvious?

I would argue the election was lost for John Kerry last spring when Janet Jackson showed her boobies, people ignored the angry critics and saw Mel Gibson’s "The Passion," and people were outraged over gay marriages. People had finally had enough, and the moral fiber of the American people strengthened again. Them thar rubes may not know too much ’bout nutin, I s’pose, but they know’n da dif’rence ’tween right an’ wrong.

When it comes to Pres. Bush, PLAIN-SPOKEN is NOT equal to simple-minded! "Red state" people like plain-spoken people who say what they mean and mean what they say. John Kerry spent too many years embellishing his various stories - he never could explain his refusal to file Form 180, his trip to Cambodia, his magic hat, his run in the Boston Marathon, etc.

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