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A Rasmussen Poll taken last week show that a solid majority (62 percent) of Americans believe that their country is basically "fair and decent." The same poll suggests that 67 percent think people who move to the United States should adopt American culture, and that 64 percent reject the idea that most Americans are racist.

Finally, and most heartening from a historian’s perspective:

Eighty-one percent (81%) believe students should be taught that "men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were heroes who created a great nation." Only 8% disagree.

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Unfortunately John, these 8% are highly concentrated in the academic halls of our post secondary institutions of higher learning. We still have a battle on for the hearts and minds of the nations young people. Good news is Puff Daddy and Bruce springsteen did not sway many and hard left history profs may not be able to do it either.

hard left history profs may not be able to do it either.

There’s no "may not" about it. There’s nothing new about the dominance of leftists in the history profession. If the best they can do after 30+ years of hard work is convince 8 percent of the population, then they’ve already failed spectacularly.

That’s why the history profession fumes against David McCullough, Joseph Ellis, and the like, but they have done more for historical literacy than all of the published dissertations combined!

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