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An Attempt at Voter Suppression

The telephone rang about twenty minutes ago. When I answered, I heard a female voice say that she was just making sure I was planning on going to the polls tomorrow. "Yup," I said. Then she asked, "No matter how long the line, or how long the wait?" "Uh-huh," I answered, and she said, "okay," and hung up.

Then it occurred to me--this person was trying to get me to stay home. She wanted to remind me that the lines might be long (not very likely at our polling place, actually). And since Ashland is a heavily Republican area, I can only guess that this was some Democrat operative. I did the old "*69," but it was a blocked call. Okay, now I’m really ticked off.

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Sorry sort of off topic. Well not really now that I think about it since Dems will be screaming about voter suppression. 6th Circuit court of appeals has reversed the ruling of Judge Dlott a Clinton appointee whose husband is a big Dem contributor and a trial lawyer. State law that provides for challengers at polling places stands. Dems must deal with it or try for a Spreme Court of US emrgency appeal. Since I dont see a right to commit voter fraud in the constitution I think this one stands. Seems like a close election in Ohio wont have to deal with massive voter fraud like in Venezuela.

John, don’t you know that only Republicans engage in such tactics, and then primarily against black voters! Democrats don’t do that kind of thing! The Democrats are the party of the people fighting Republican disfranchisement! (tongue-in-cheek!)

How do you know the district courts’ rulings were overturned? I’ve been looking everywhere for that news and didn’t find a thing.

Mr Maxwell,

You seem to have access to something nobody else has(namely to rulings of the 6th circuit). At Moritz Law school they have a post with a time stamp after 11 p.m. stating that there has been no word yet from the 6th circuit. The site is hereEnter text description

Kindly supply the source of your information.


Hopefully you all found the news by now. I went to bed and slept like a baby after that ruling.

No it seesm that Daschle crazy challenge of observers in South Dakota has been thrown out by a judge who is his life long friend. His only witness? A deaniac who had been in SD 48 hours who thought that rolling you eyes or even taking notes was intimidating. Pathetic. Bye bye Tommie D

Try this site for the update: CNN news brief

i can speak for all dems and repubs that i know, when i say any voter suppression is disgusting!

Christopher. We all agree with on true voter intimidastion. Like brandishing a gun outside the polling place. But it aint intimidation to require some id or to point out that the signature and name dont match up or that the listed residence is in fact a business etc etc.

Dead people should not vote in large numbers. Neither should felons, illegal aliens, legal aliens or pet pigs.

Maybe I just don’t understand the whole voter registration process, but how can these people even put in fradulent registration forms? With all of the technology that we have, isn’t there some means to ensure proper voting procedures? I thought that there was a date that one had to be registered by so that all of these problems could be fixed.


Registration by third party groups such as has no controls. These are paid hacks that go out and fill out registration forms. Theoretically they are filled out by a live person, with a residence, and a U.S. citizenship. Not Mickey Mouse or Dick Tracy. These forms are supposedly delivered to a county registration official, who then takes them as gospel and puts them on the rolls of registered voters. Post cards are sent to the residences and inform the now registered voters of where to vote.

Problems that are possible:
1) There is no person, the third party just makes something up for the form.
2) There is a person, but that person did not fill out the form, perhaps because the person is dead.
3) There is a person, and the person filled out the form, but is not eligible to vote: non-citizen, non-resident, etc.
4) The person is real, they filled out the form, and they are eligible - but the third party decides they don’t like their party affiliation and destroys the registration.
5) Otherwise, everything is OK

For what it is worth, today we had a "mock election" at our high school. We made the kids register and if they didn’t register, they couldn’t vote (boy were some of them kid said that I was suppressing his right to vote. I just asked him if he actually knew what suppressing meant...he didn’t). Bush overwhelmingly beat Kerry and Spector beat Hoeffel (but we knew that already). I just wish the whole state of Pennsylvania didn’t rely on Philly and its suburbs.

(Just discovered your site, and started perusing the archives, for fun - found this gem)

"An attempt at voter supression"


"And since Ashland is a heavily Republican area, I can only guess that this was some Democrat operative."

Exactly, you could only GUESS, and your guess really sounds like the cheapest kind of conspiracy speculation. I’ve only been hearing, post-election, that the Dems failed to reach out beyond their base, and Ashland/Ashland Co., Ohio was NOT the Dems’ base. Could the call by this "operative" just as easily have been someone making sure that the Repubs. got out and vote? So shameless - imagine had some liberal or lefty responded similarly to the same call, alleging a "right-wing operative" was trying to suppress their vote - you’d be ALL OVER THEM! Your anecdote and beyond-silly conclusion didn’t deserve the dignity of any response, so I’m only embarrassed now that I’ve done so. But you ought to know that not everyone around is a cheerleader of your every mental burp.

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