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Black support for Bush

It is estimated that in Ohio
Bush got about 16% of the black vote (nationally it is circa 12-14%). Both the national and state figures are very significant. These are some Republican and/or conservative black blogs that are worth a look, in case you haven’t:
Blacks for Bush, Booker Rising, Uncle Sam’s Cabin, La Shawn’s Barber Corner, Crispus,,
The Black Informant. There are plenty of others.

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I am not coming on here to gloat or to boast but to give Thanks to God that the election went the way it did. This was not only the victory for the Republicans but for the American people as well. We held off the wolf for at least another four years, but he/she is still out there sneaking around looking for a crack in or defenses. I think the American People spoke clearly but there are still concentrations of sheeple who will follow Her Majesty Hillary in ’08. The battle is won but the war still goes on and will continue so long as there are those who believe that they, not the people, know what is best for the rest of us. The elitist group is still there and still strong albeit a bit confused now. This battle, of course, will never end so long as we attempt to maintain a democratic form of government. Socrates was right. However, wise leadership can keep the elitist oligarchy at bay. It is only with constant awareness of their method and intent that we can maintain our right of self-choice. People like Her Majesty Hillary Clinton will continue to try to take care of us if we let her obtain the power she craves.
We have just won a victory in this war for control of our own destiny. In the future, however, some great amount of work needs to be done in the so-called "blue" states. What needs to be done in the next four years is to work hard in the blue states to educate the ordinary people of the danger of such people as Her Majesty Hillary and others of her coloration. We need to get to the minds of the blacks on the Democratic Plantation and convince them that they are people and not simply the slaves of people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. These Judas goats have been leading the black people into a form of slavery that is disguised as welfare. All welfare is a way of obtaining the black vote every four years with some scraps and then forgetting them until election time again rolls around.
Kerry and Edwards are history but there are always others who will espouse the same ideas. If not Her Majesty then it will be some other demegogue to pander to the common person and promise something for nothing. This has been going on since Ancient Greece and will not stop with this small victory. It is not really these people whom we must battle. It is the IDEA. The idea that there are a few who have the knowledge and the right to decide what is best for the rest of us. I have no hatred for Mr. Kerry or Edwards or even Her Majesty Hillary Clinton, it is their Ideology that I hate. I believe that people have the desire and the right to make their own decisions and that the only purpose of government is to protect that right, not to determine our lives for us. If one reads the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States (how many have read it through?) you will find that there are no specific rights granted to the people. The Bill of Rights was written to protect the people from transgression of the Central Government. There is no right to a job, there is no right to happiness, and there is no right to a home or old age pension. There is no right to health care provided by the government. If you can find any of these in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, I want a copy of your copy of the document. These things simply are not in there. The framers of the Constitution put forth the Constitution without amendments and the States refused to ratify it until a Bill of Rights was written to protect the States and the people from the Central Government. Of course, this means there is no right to marriage or to same sex marriage, or to an abortion or any of the so-called entitlements we hear so much about. The Justices of the Supreme Court have added these things, either by legislation in violation of the Constitution or by the misinterpretation of the Constitution. Do not get me wrong. I am not saying that all of these things are wrong just that they violate the Constitution or Bill of Rights. We have them now and it would be virtually impossible to get rid of them. However, we must control them or the result will be government in complete control of our lives. Keep in mind that the government does not produce any wealth. All wealth the government has to be taken from those who do produce. The Emperors of the Roman Empire failed to recognize this. They kept offering more and more handouts to the common people to keep them quiet but at the same time, they were required to continue to raise taxes on those who produced. Over time more and more of the producers were taxed out of existence. This caused a shortage of income for the Emperors so what did they do? They raised taxes some more. This, of course, squeezed more producers out of business. These ex producers now became a part of the city mob demanding more and more handouts. Therefore, instead of paying taxes like they once did when taxes were lower they now pay no taxes but demand handouts. Eventually there were no producers to pay taxes and the whole system fell apart just as Socrates had said it would.
Does anyone reading this truly believe that it is ever wise for a government to keep raising taxes on the producers to give ever-increasing entitlements to non-producers? This is what the Liberals believe is the way to power and control of you and me. I do not mean the following in any way than as a question to make people think. I know some of you on this forum are people of African Descent. Do you truly believe that either Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton actually give a flying jump at a rolling donut about what really happens to you? Do you believe that they would give up their big cars, fine clothes, nice homes and big bank accounts to help you out if you needed it? If you do may I suggest that you send either of them an e-mail asking for it. Yes, it is true that I could not send an e-mail to President Bush and obtain a loan or a gift but he has not promised me anything but the right to make my own way. Do I get Social Security? Yes I do, but very little as for most of my working life I was under a state pension plan. My late wife paid into social security for almost 20 years and does anyone know how much I got from Social Security when she died? I got a check for $255. She paid many times that in over those 20 years. My social security comes from work outside of my teaching. I draw almost enough for a car payment, and it was not a new car when I bought it. I repeat, I am not saying you should not get your Social Security. Of course, you should because it was promised to you. I am not saying that a child whose parents cannot pay for medical care should go without it. However, there must be, and are ways that people can be at least partially responsible for medical insurance even those who make minimum wage. (Now there is another thing-minimum wage, which should never have been thought of, but again that is another story).
I know that if you are still reading by this time you are really fuming at me or you realize that I have some ideas that you should give some thought. Certainly, I do not know all the answers. If I did, I would write books for money and sell them for lots of money. I just do not believe that Liberalism is the answer to the problems faced by Americans, or Europeans, for that matter but they are not our business as they seem to think ours is theirs. A form of Capitalism operating within a reasonable set of rules to prevent the abominable conditions that existed in the 18th through early 20th century where workers were treated nearly as slaves.
Capitalism with reasonable controls, a reasonable tax level to achieve those things the government is Constitutionally allowed to do with a populace free to work toward what a large portion of people in this country hope to achieve, becoming wealthy. That is why the idea of taxing the rich is not popular and never has been, because some day you hope to be rich.
There has been great talk of the "war on terror" and I do not deny that this is an important issue because there are those who wish nothing less than to destroy us and our whole way of life. This war can be won by first creating a situation in which the terrorists have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Actually, this is an aside from the main point of this essay. I honestly believe that one way to win against the Jihadists is to use the very thing that they believe in to destroy them. I am not talking about destroying the Moslem religion. I am talking about those who would use that religion as a weapon against all besides themselves. The method I would encourage the use of is to let them know openly that all bullets and shells sent against them has been dipped in the blood of pigs. A paper casing to protect the Islamic soldiers who are fighting on our side to prevent them coming into contact with the blood could be devised. Also, a warning that every suicide bomber would have his/her remains gathered up and buried along with the entrails of pigs. If I am correct this would mean that such people could not attain the promise made by their leaders, or whatever it is they get for suicide in killing unbelievers. (If any readers are Moslems but not of the Jihad persuasion please recognize that I am not in any way making fun of or degrading your religion. I am only relaying some things that I have heard about why people would blow themselves to bits to kill someone else.)
The democratization of Iraq and Afghan peoples and having them live in freedom would greatly aid in overthrowing the Mullahs or whatever they are in Iran. People do desire freedom. The defeat of the organized terrorists will not remove the ever-present dangers from within. The elitist wolves will always be there and that is actually a good thing. If they were to go away, the people who have been opposing them would then fall into their own factions fighting among themselves. I would rather oppose Liberalism than to have to oppose people with minor disagreements with myself.
Of course, I have not mentioned the other end of the spectrum. The extreme right is just as dangerous as the extreme left. If people forget this and allow demagogues in the name of God or some other religion or philosophy gain control they may even be worse than Liberals are. Do not forget the Spanish inquisition or the time when the Christian Church was virtually as out of control as the Jihad is in Islam. Our ancestors fought through that one and now Catholic and non-Catholic in America live at least in an agreement not to burn each other at the stake. Although there is no doubt in my mind that in virtually every city or town in the country, there are still people who would burn others at the stake if they thought they could get away with it. These are the ones we must also guard against gaining power.
We who believe that government should be OF and FOR the people not OVER the people have won a victory today. Let us take a moment to enjoy the victory but realize that the war continues. I realize that Republicans do not have any less desire for more and more power than do Democrats. For that reason, the Democratic party must revive. I believe it will if it will move away from the extreme Liberal leadership and back to the ideas of the Party of the people as it was under FDR and Truman. We need a strong Democratic party to keep the Republican party in check. A good strong two party system with real differences is essential to a healthy Republic. A one party system always becomes oppressive no matter how high the ideals from which it spring.
A huge number of things has accounted for the Republican victory. The Democrats look for what mistake they made. Yet they cannot see that by far most American People are really moderately conservative and have no tie to the extreme left or the extreme right. If one looks at the map of the United States county by county virtually every county in even the blue states with the exception of the heavily populated metro areas were won by the Republicans. The Blue states are not Blue at all they are red with some blue metro areas in them. The red states are also red with a few speckles of blue in them. Of course, with the electoral college system we paint them the color of the majority statewide. In those blue painted states, there is a lot of red covered up but it is not true that the red states have a lot of blue covered up. Some say that this was a religious rebellion with evangelical Christians voting in big blocks. I doubt that to begin with. I believe that a lot of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant and even many who are not churchgoers but who believe that there are things that are right and things that are wrong. They believed that too many of the things that the Democrats favored were among those things that believe are wrong. I am not just talking of moral issues although they played a part. I am talking of such things as taxes and our completely ridiculous system. Things like social security, which many recognize is failing the way it is now and the Democrats showed no real idea of how to fix it. Maybe Bush’s idea will not work completely but it is a start. The Democrats refuse to explain a better way. The support of same sex marriage is obviously something the American people do not want. They do not have to be antigay not to want marriage of a man and a woman, which has been the norm for thousands of years then suddenly changed by some four judges in Mass.
Nothing was decided about the abortion issue and will likely not be changed anytime soon. I am not going to get into that as this was not a real question in the election just past. If you are, a Liberal be a Liberal, that is your right. However most Americans are NOT liberal and they have spoken. If the Democratic Party wants to become a viable, party again in the near future Be Democrats and get rid of the Liberals.
As I said before, a strong Democratic party is essential to the health of our Republic, so you Democrats wake up and change your party. Who knows, if the Republicans lean too far to the right I might vote Democratic in the future. (Jack might I doubt if Bill will.)

Jack Gaither, Lake Seminole Georgia

Bill Gaither, Versailles, Kentucky

I was hoping for W to pull about 12% of the African-American vote, and considered that optimistic.

If he’s really pulled 14 to 16%, that’s absolutely awesome. Dems depend so heavily on being to gin up the black vote thru vicious lies and hysteria that even marginal GOP gains are a body blow to them.

And it’s even better when you reflect that such an overall better performance among blacks who actually vote also betokens an improved general impression of the President (and hence probably the GOP in general) across black America as a whole, which means the Demos will have that much tougher a row to hoe the next time they try some of their sleazy race-baiting and demonizing of Republicans as a dishonest ploy to mobilize black voters.

Show me a Dem in a tight race, and I’ll show you a race-baiter who think nothing of increasing blacks’ distruct of whites (Republican whites, at least) for the sake of some extra votes--it’s one of the things I truly loathe about the contemporary Democratic Party, and one that I think exposes its essential moral bankruptcy. To me it’s far worse even than the nasty tall tales that Dems tell seniors about how the GOP wants to take away their Social Security, etc.

But even this ugly race-baiting trick seems to be getting harder for the Dems to pull, and this increases my confidence that there is justice in the cosmos after all, and that God, at the end of the day, is not mocked.

Thank you for mentioning our website, Booker Rising.

On Thursday, we did an analysis outlining how Ohio’s blacks helped push President George W. Bush to electoral victory:

Today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer comes to a similar conclusion:

There are figures behind the national stats that should concern Democrats. In quite a few states, Bush almost doubled, doubled, or even tripled his black support. This is not surprising, when survey data show that both self-identified black secular conservatives and black Christian conservatives (both of whom are mostly DEMOCRATS) are moving away from the party.

To Capt. Dingy: you should note that only 15% of blacks are on welfare.

Did you say "only" 15% of blacks are on welfare? One out of every seven? That’s a frightening statistic.

To add some support to the figures being bandied about above, the exit polls in Texas showed AA voting for Bush 17% and Hispnaics came in at 55%. This is even more frightening for Dems. They have been resting their hope on Ruy Texiera and his book " The Coming Democratic Majority." There whole thesis is base on minority birthrates far exceeding whites and since they vote overwhlemingly for Democrats the eventuality is assurred. It must be truly frightening for them to contemplate a majority of Hispanics voting foru Bush in California as if they lose there they are so far in the wloe there is not much need to stay up on election night.

Instead of writing stories about moral values and getting it wrong. This is the true insightful message in this election.


I agree that 15% is too high. However, it is NOWHERE near the level that Capt. Dingy implied in his post. That was my point.

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