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European values and radical Islam

A well-known Dutch politician has called for a halt to non-Western immigration: "We are a Dutch democratic society. We have our own norms and values. If you chose radical Islam you can leave, and if you don’t leave voluntarily then we will send you away. This is the only message possible." And the AP reports that the EU’s justice and interior ministers agreed that new immigrants to the 25-nation bloc should be required to learn local languages, and to adhere to general "European values" that will guide them toward better integration.

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Hoo haw. US libs will have trouble dealing with this. Bet it gets NO wide visibility in the MSM.

Read the front page story from Monday, Nov. 22, 2004, PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. This is the lead sentence, "Theo van Gogh was a kind of highbrow Howard Stern, a clown - provocateur who called one Muslim activist "Mohammad’s pimp," and routinely dismissed others as devotees of sex with goats."

Thus the story begins. If you were to assume that it is a case of the liberal Inquirer blaming the victim, you would be dead right, ableit not as dead as van Gogh himself. The story places the entire blame for the situation in Holland entirely upon "right wing conservatives" who have ridden the impasse between muslim and the dutch to political prominence. This is an amazing twist too, for isn’t it the left that has ALWAYS extolled the artiste who plays the provacateur, who plays the iconoclast, who challenges the accepted. That these same liberls would now demand from their dear artistes a better understanding of the role of RELIGION in society, simply beggars belief. Just imagine if van Gogh had been bashing christianity and had been slain by a pro life, christian traditionalist. Somehow, I don’t think that the Inquirer would be taking the the iconoclast to task, nor laying the burden of his blood on anyone other than his actual assailant.

Haha! Really, anyone who feels compelled to put "Esq." after their name when contributing to a blog...

(kinda funny, kinda sad)

It becomes a habit, from HAVING to include that title on other correspondence.

AFTER a while, you cease to even think twice about it, no longer even notice it.

But if it is a big thing for you, or for somebody else, .......... whatever.

But just to make you happy, I deliberately left it out this time. And will try to be mindful of that, in the future.

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