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I’ve long been a fan of Target stores. Then I saw this.

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So much for your Christmas present. Now I’ll have to get you something else! Ever since they’ve been pronouncing it as "Tar-geh" instead of Target, they’ve been selling weird French sex toys!

The fact that Target has banned Salvation Army bell ringers from their premises this Holiday Season is far more disturbing. For doing that I am boycotting them for life.

I ring the bell for the Salvation Army at least one three-hour shift every Christmas. This year I was among those who were out on the first day, and I was ever so pleased to hear from more than a few people -- as they put their money into the kettle -- that they would not be shopping at Target this year. I think Target may live to regret this decision. I hope so. . .

Whatever it was, it’s gone now. The page directs link to an error page.

This is as of 8:00 PM EST

Wow . . . yeah, it was definitely there this afternoon . . . that’s weird. Dr. Moser made Target get rid of its lubricant . . .

To be a "fan" of any chain store is a bit odd, isn’t it?? How does one express this fan status?

And, while, yes, it’s easy to be troubled by Target giving the S.A. the boot (and I am), it’s also strange that one would only boycott a company that has sold (and likely still does sell) products made by child labor and/or sweatshop labor after the store dismisses this particular charity. Might it not be charitable for Target to refuse to sell merchandise made under those conditions in the first place?

Finally, why is anyone from the Ashcroft Ctr. set bothered by this? Target is merely doing what they wish with their own private property.

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