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Karl Rove

This is the transcript of yesterday’s FOX News interview with Rove. And note this Agence France Press (AFP) story on Rove, especially the silly photograph (he wore at a Halloween party in imitation of Kerry’s hunting trip). And this from Time.
There is much to be said on Rove. I always liked his maxim: "Play on the other guy’s turf." You guys want to get out the vote, OK, let’s get out the vote. Smart guy. Prudente e virtuoso.

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Scenes we’d love to see;

I would have loved to see Karl Rove step from behind a curtain at Bush’s acceptance speech dressed as Dr. Evil from the Austin Power’s Movie.

The dems had him responsible for every little nuance in the election from making Bush’s face appear on the moon’s surface during the eclipse to Walter Cronkite’s accusation Rove got Bin Laden to release his latest tape three days before the election.

It would have been sensational!

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