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Kirsanow on C-Span today

This last Thursday, Peter Kirsanow, a member of the United States Civil Rights
Commission, was at the Ashbrook Center lecturing on the subject of
"Racial Rebellion: The End of the Victim/Grievance Movement."
C-SPAN was there to tape the event and it will be broadcast Today (Saturday) at 9:15pm EST and again at 12:15am EST on C-SPAN.

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What a breath of fresh air it has been to hear Mr. Kirsanow on C-SPAN Saturday 9:00 P.M. Saturday NOvember 20th. As an American who wants balcks to succeed, I wonder why Mr. Kirsanow does not get more exposure/press.

I do agree with comment #1, what a breath of fresh air. Finally, a man of color who really knows how to bow and scrape to his white audience, comes forward to tell us how morally important it is to pull up the ladder behind him. As a White man who wants to get rid of all laws protecting the so-called mud people, I have never seen a more effective representative for my point of view.

Why do you presume to read Mr. Kirsanow’s motives, Mr. "Kristian"?

You represent the left at its worst, which has now become its typical. You think blacks don’t have a right to hold certain views, even if those views are held by at least half of the country.
That they are inferior human beings if they do.

You, sir, are the racist. Don’t try to deny it. Just face up to it like a man, if you can.

And stop cluttering an intelligent forum with your idiocy.

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